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Café™ Dishwasher Drawer

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Double Drawer
Experience the convenience of two drawers that you can use independently to wash everything from heirloom place settings to casserole dishes with separate cycles.

Create a Look That Matches Your Personal Style
With this customizable dishwasher, you can combine any of the premium finishes and hardware options for a stylish appearance that's truly unique.

Small Load Setting
Wash every load with a clean conscience thanks to an energy-efficient dishwasher with two special settings for conserving resources. Guilt-free Small Load is ideal for partial loads, while Eco-Cycle was designed to consume less energy and water.

Knock to Pause Function
Pause the dishwasher mid-cycle with a simple knock, then press Start/Play to resume.

Easy to Load and Unload
Keep bending to a minimum while you load and unload the conveniently placed, ergonomically designed upper drawer.

Accommodates Large Dish Loads
With two removable silverware baskets and enough capacity for 14 place settings, you can wash every item in a single load, even after the largest meals.

Matte White / Brushed Bronze

23 9/16 W x 21 3/4 D x 34 H