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CAFÉ™ Express Finish Toaster

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CAFÉ™ Express Finish Toaster
  • Express Finish Mode
    Achieve beautiful toast in about a minute thanks to a quick toast mode that allows you to toast bread quicker than standard toast mode.
  • Extra Wide Slots
    Enjoy perfect results on artisanal bread, bagels, English muffins, and more with 1.38-inch slots that accommodate thicker slices.
  • LED Ring
    Quickly assess toaster progress with an LED ring that lights up to indicate the status of the toast and blinks when your toast is ready.
  • 4 Pre-Set Functions
    Customized toaster settings are a touch away thanks to a toaster with four pre-set functions: Express Finish, Bagel, Reheat, and Frozen.
  • 8 Shade Options
    Select your perfect toast and enjoy delicious results every time thanks to eight selectable shade options.
  • Extra Lift
    Retrieve your toast using a dedicated lever that lifts the toast up, away from the hot interior of the toaster.

Item Description:

C9TMA2S2PS3 Toaster 7 W x 12.28 D x 8 H

C9TMA2S3PD3 Toaster 7 W x 12.28 D x 8 H

C9TMA2S4PW3 Toaster 7 W x 12.28 D x 8 H