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GE Tankless Electric Water Heater

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GE Tankless Electric Water Heater

  • Unlimited Hot Water on Demand
    Tankless electric water heater provides instant, continuous water flow
  • Point of Use
    Installs at the point of use, for hot water where you need it
  • Performance Up to 1.7 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
    Enough to run 3 faucets simultaneously or 1 shower in warm climates (*Results are based on 72˚F inlet water temperature and 105˚F outlet water temperature)
  • Remote Control
    Conveniently change temperature settings and control your unit from up to 30' away
  • Intuitive Design
    Adjust temperature and settings with easy-use touch screen

Item Description:

GE08SNHPDG Water Heater 14 1/5 H x 8 1/2 W x 2 2/5 D in