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Your style is inspired by the hustle and bustle of city life. Bold choices reflected in crisp, clean designs showcase your sleek and sophisticated home. Choose a sofa with straight lines and defined geometric shapes; it should be simple and sleek. Neutral colors with a bold splash of color in your accent pillows will provide the perfect balance.


Wrap yourself in the drama and glamour of Gleam & Glow. This carefully curated ensemble will captivate the eye with its radiant sparkle and elegant sophistication. 


You are on the cutting edge of fashion and are not afraid to add a splash of color and push the limits with creative artwork. You enjoy sharp accents that highlight your sleek design pieces. You're considered a trendsetter by your friends!

less is more

You are all about clean lines and accessory-free spaces. Different textures and basic shapes tie your room together in a serene, simple way that provides an uncluttered and extremely functional space. Less is more, and the simplicity of your style is what makes the statement.