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36” Smart Designer Custom Insert w/ Dimmable LED Lighting

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36” Smart Designer Custom Insert w/ Dimmable LED Lighting

  • Adjustable CFM blower
    High powered 610 CFM blower is adjustable downward to either 370 or 290 maximum CFM to accommodate different installation needs

  • Triple LED dimmable lighting
    bulbs included - LED modules ensure bright lighting for the entire cooking environment

  • Premium baffle stainless steel filters
    Removes odors and grease from your cooking area and easy to clean in your dishwasher

  • WiFi powered by SmartHQ™
    Control appliances with a smart device or just the sound of your voice

  • Electronic backlit controls
    Add a sophisticated look with this up-front, easy-to-use display

  • Electronic backlit controls
    Simple, intuitive controls are complemented by a sophisticated appearance that enhances the overall appeal of the hood

  • Chef Connect
    Automatically control the hood's lights and fan by syncing with the range

  • Remote control included
    Activate and adjust your hood functions from anywhere in the kitchen

  • Four-speed fan control
    Helps draw smoke, grease, odors and moisture out of the kitchen air

Item Description:

UVC9360SLSS Hood Insert 12 H x 34 1/4 W x 19 1/4 D