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GE Profile™ 36" Built-In Touch Control Induction Cooktop

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GE Profile™ 36" Built-In Touch Control Induction Cooktop

  • Maximum Responsiveness
    11 heat settings using induction technology and glide touch controls allows burners to quickly adjust and respond, giving you maximum control.

  • Power Boil
    Boil water faster thanks to induction elements that immediately heat your pan, not the cooktop surface.

  • Precision Temperature Control
    Set your burner to an exact degree, not just high, medium or low, with Precision Temperature Control. Using a smart pan, the cooktop maintains a specific temperature – from 100 to 500 degrees. Perfect for sauces, candies and frying.

  • Guided Cooking
    Connect a smart pan to your cooktop and your burners will adjust time and temperature based on a video-guided recipe in the app. Choose from thousands of recipes and get perfectly cooked food – from pork chops to pancakes. Pan sold separately.

  • Easy Clean Surface
    A smooth glass surface makes cleaning up messes simpler than ever on this easy clean induction cooktop.

  • Safer Surface
    Stay worry-free with this induction cooktop that automatically detects your cookware, so when it's removed the burner automatically switches off

  • Most Efficient Heating
    Electromagnetic currents directly heat the pan, instead of first heating the cooktop surface, resulting in faster, more efficient heating.

  • Compatible Cooktop with Smart Cookware
    Smart pans and a wireless sous vide probe easily pair with this smart cooktop to ensure you get the perfect cooking results. Accessories sold separately.

  • Timer
    Help coordinate meal preparation and cooking with a convenient kitchen timer.

  • Built-in WiFi
    This smart cooktop features Built-In WiFi so you can monitor your burners and view power levels, precision temperature, or on/off.

  • Control Lock
    Protect against unintentionally turning your cooktop on with a safety control lock setting.

  • Color

  • Claims & Certifications
    ADA Compliant

Item Description:

PHP7030DTBB Cooktop 3 1/4 H x 29 3/4 W x 21 3/8 D